Buttercream Cupcakes/Cake Jars

Basic Cupcakes
almond cake with a white buttercream frosting.
Banana Pudding:
banana pudding cake with a cream cheese buttercream with banana flavors
chocolate cake with milk chocolate buttercream 
Red Velvet:
red velvet cake with cream cheese buttercream 
Strawberry Crunch:
strawberry cake with a buttercream and topped with strawberry crunch
(have a theme, contact us about cupcake toppers for your celebration or color theme, 2 colors)
Half Dozen $20 Full Dozen $35 
Luxury Cupcakes - (flavors: almond, chocolate, red velvet)
(cupcake toppers/sprinkles/theme color/sprinkles/metallic cupcakes/roses) (2 colors)
Half Dozen $35 Full Dozen $55
Cake Jars
Banana Pudding Cake Jars
Chocolate Cake Jars
Red Velvet Cake Jars 
Strawberry Crunch Cake Jars
Half Dozen Jars $30 Full Dozen Jars $45 - 9oz
Single (pop ups only) $7 - 9oz


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