Almond: white almond cake with an almond buttercream 

Banana Pudding: yellow banana flavored cupcake filled with actual banana pudding and topped with banana flavored buttercream

Cookies N Cream: chocolate cake filled with oreos topped with cream cheese and oreo buttercream

Chocolate: chocolate cake topped with chocolate smooth buttercream

Red Velvet: red velvet chocolate flavored cake is topped with our cream cheese buttercream

Strawberry Crunch: strawberry cake filled with strawberry preserves and topped with cream cheese buttercream and strawberry crunch topping

(get these flavors in a Dessert Jar - ideal for Pop-Ups or Bougie Boxes) $6 each

Half Dozen $20 Dozen $35 - Basic Cupcakes  $50 - Glam Cupcakes

Bougie Glam Cupcakes - (add sprinkles, cupcake toppers, additional decor)