About Us

Hello all I'm Gigi Knoten. I'm New Orleans born and raised but now residing in Dallas. I'm a wife, mom of 3, wine, dessert lover and self-taught Baker and Mompreneur. Growing up I would watch and help my grandmother bake desserts and so many sweet treats in her yummy smelling kitchen. I loved all of my grandma's desserts from her classic cakes, cookies, brownies to her perfectly made pies. My cookie entrepreneurial journey started as a little girl as a Brownie and Girl Scout I received many badges and rewards for top sellers for years as a Girl Scout.
My passion for baking started as a hobby to calm my anxiety but it's also created a blessing and a business for me to pass down to my daughter. So indulge on some delicious desserts and cure your craving. 
At Boxed & Bougie we can make sweet treats for yourself, corporate or social event. Catch us at local pop ups, vendor events or Farmer's Markets in the Dallas areas. 
"Every Occasion Deserves a Cookie"